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India-wide services are offered by We Gas Stove Hob Service. We specialise in providing top-notch repair services for all types of kitchen appliances, including gas stoves, chimneys, hobs, commercial bhatties, etc. By providing prompt responses, gracious service, and excellent products, we are committed to satisfying our consumers.

Our reputation is expanding, and we are establishing solutions for the corrosion and abrasion safety of your new pipeline and the no-dig rehabilitation of existing pipes. Our goal is to help as many people as we can by offering top-notch services at a reasonable cost or by being trustworthy and exceptional in our client interactions.


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Gas Stove Hob Service


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  • Vikas Verma
    Fix gas service responds very quickly to customers queries in less than 24 hours. Their service is authentic. The staff visiting for service is qualified and well behaved.
    Vikas Verma
  • Anita Jakhar
    Fix gas service provides good and affordable service regarding kitchen appliances. Their service is very fast. You must contact them if you need any service regarding your kitchen appliances.
    Anita Jakhar


1What is Gas Stove Hob Service?
Gas Stove Hob Service is the official gas registration company in India which provides all types of kitchen related instruments like chimney, stove, chulha etc all over India.
2What does Gas Stove Hob Service?
Gas Stove Hob Service provides you with all kinds or kitchen item repair services.
3In which city or area of country you provide your services?
We provide our services all over India.
4How can I contact?
You can visit our website and call our customer care or simply enter your basic details and phone number you will receive call from us within 24 hours.
5What is mode of payment?
You can both online and in cash.
6Does gas safe repair service for all kitchen related instruments?
Yes, Gas Stove Hob repair will provide service for all kitchen related instruments
7How do I report my concern/ query about work carried out by Gas Stove Hob Service?
You can read all details about our work on our website. You can also post a question regarding your concern. Last but not the least you can simply call our customer care number and ask questions regarding any issue.
8How do I report if I am not satisfied with the service or engineer doesn’t doing his work properly?
If you suspect someone is working on gas appliances without being Gas Stove Hob registered please gather as much information as you can e.g. names, dates and address of where the service was given and we will investigate You can inform by calling our Customer care.
9Do you share customer data that you hold?
No. Gas Stove Hob repair does not, and will not share the data we hold or process, with third parties for marketing purposes. Any data we hold or process is only used for the expressly for our company records.
10Do you work under any big company or enterprise?
No. We are an independent business and we don’t have any business partner.
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